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Meet the Owner

Jeb Poston is originally from Houston, marrying a Brenham Local he came to know and appreciate the town. Love always wins.

Jeb working hard to make sure plants look their best and are healthy and happy for customers.

"Plants are my passion, I have spent years and years learning and now having my own store, I love the fact that I can teach people. My goal is to make a lasting connection with a customer. We have people all the time that come in here with a picture and I can tell them exactly what they need to do. That person might not purchase anything today, but now I know they will come back and trust me to help them"

His Story:

Moving to brenham in

Jeb Has created a Vast array of items in this store and gardens.

Which include:

Large Selection of special organic materials and products.

Ornamental Trees.


Sizeable Seed Collection.

Fruit Trees.


Vegetable Plants.

Fertilizer, Potting Soil, Pots, Wind Chimes. He also has a Variety pack of décor perfect for the garden, not to mention an artificial section!

His collection of single bouquet artificial flowers & pre-arranged products from sprays for caskets to tabletop décor for parties is the Largest l we have seen in town!

This really leaves the place open for everyone to come and enjoy the oasis and serenity the store has to offer. Just walking around and looking at what there is in his collection can make anyone want to work on their green thumb.

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